Interactive video clip

swipe and hold the grains
to mix between three versions
of our song: Every stop

the grooop


Wiek says:

We got together some time ago
Deepening friendly ties
It was almost like a miracle
I am not telling you any lies

Then we asked the younger ones to join
And before long, there was a click or two
A brandnew pop band got to be born
Compassionate words and listening were the clue

Now we are becoming what we can be
We come together with our brains and hearts and feet
The eye and the ear make us listen and see
Slowly we start to groove with the same master beat

The grooop can grow and it can go
In any beautiful way or so
It is a vibe and not a rule
There are no friends and foes

Human beings is what we are
Gentle, mean and bold
Anybody can be like a real star
Everyone can shine like gold

We all play together, right?